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Big George became Morey Boogies sales and promotions rep in Australia in 84. George was a bodyboarder himself and showed a real passion. He helped kick start the careers of Aus. first riders like Evan Penglis, Ross Hawke, Doug Robson and Steve MacKenzie.It was Georges push and commitment as well as organising events that got the sport off the ground in the early days. Pic George K by Stroh

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This Hawaiian joint effort was the work of Scott Aichner, Brobin Prod. and Willy Bralund. It captured the best Hawaiian action of the mid 90′s including Hubb, Fred Booth, Maligs and more. It was the first bodyboard movie to feature  16mm shot footage by Aichner who has gone on to be one of the best water photographers in the world today. That is Aka on the cover below.

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Heres Aussie pioneer and now bearded Chaz pulling into a Cronulla reef wave for Morey Boogie in the early 80′s.

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Chris Anne  is the longtime partner of Ben Severson and sister to Danny Kim the standup bodyboarder. It was only natural she would end up growing  up on the beach on the Westside bodyboarding. In the late 80′s she was one of Hawaii’s top female competitors along with Shawnee Oide. Chris Anne  excelled at Pipe when the Women’s Comps were held. This pic was taken down the South Coast around ’89 when she was out in Oz competing and free surfing with Sevo. photo Stroh

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When Guilherme Tamega won the World Title in ’94 he instantly put Brazil on the bodyboard map. Up to that time it was still Hawaii and The Mainland that were the main influences in bodyboarding. Once Aussie Eppo in ’93 and then Tamega took the title the following year ending a decade of Hawaiian domination the sport blew up world wide. Tamega went from virtual obscurity to national hero back home. Along with the fame came the rewards and Tamega was well supported by Wave Rebel and Redley. The following adv. by Redley came out in early 94 celebrating Tamega’s historic win.

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Mark Sutton was one of the first bodyboarders from Newcastle. He competed in the early 80′s in Australia and had the privilege of being one of the first Aussies to get sponsored with free boards and compete in Hawaii. Mark ended up moving to Adelaide and helped promote the scene there with his influence and photography. Today Mark runs a Surf Shop on the Goldcoast. This pic snapped by fellow Novacastrian Dave Kelly and was taken at Blackrock in the early 80′s. It was a full on all star pro surfer day with Robbie Bain and Occy out. Mark still managed to sneak a few for himself.

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Here’s Sasaki in serious contest mode at the Pipe Championships in the early 90′s.

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Heres a look at the grassroots Bodyboard scene in ’83 in Australia.

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In the later half of the 90s Avalon’s Teal Nippard blew minds with his Dropknee turns. Teal had ballistic moves. Ripping it up like he was riding a surfboard instead of a soft sponge. Teal quickly made a name for himself and was popular in the US where DK was strong. After hitting Hawaii and making his mark he soon quit the sport to ride standup. Another lost talent before reaching his peak. Photo Stroh of Teal shralping Beach Park.

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Sunshine Coasts Kira Llewellyn first got the bodyboard bug when she was introduced to the sport by her two brothers. In no time at all she rose to the top of the Womens sport in Australia and dominated comps for many years. Next she made he mark on the Internaional cuircuit.With a World title in her hands she continued to push the limits as well as promote the sport to new heights. She charged hard and could pull the new school moves that the guys were doing. Photo Kira by Chris Stroh.

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