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Bullet, Simon Ramsay “Riptide editor” and Eppo getting back to nature on a Ballina farm during a north coast photo shoot for Rippies early 90′s photo Stroh

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In the late 80′s Justin Steward from Cronulla best known as Teethy was one of Wingnuts grommet mates growing up tough on the streets around the Nulla and coping it from the older bodyboarders with regular grom tortures. Unfazed Teethy was a competent bodyboarder both prone and dropknee winning his share of comps and a regular out the Island in the glory days of the early 90′s. This pic of Justin , Cabbage Patch around ’89 by Stroh

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When Doug Robson wasn’t dancing on the bar at nightclubs like Carmens he was always on the prowl for  heavy barrels to pull into. Best known for his Shark Island performances he was equally talented going left as well. This pic early 90s by Stroh

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Steve Mackenzie and Ross Hawke from Maroubra were two of Australias first International stars who both placed highly in the later 80′s in the Pipeline comp which at the time was the main event and focal point  for the sport . This shot  was taken during a south coast expedition, the pair were hardcore riders continually searching out heavy waves and gaping tubes. Photo Stroh early 90′s

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Getting invited to the SIC is one of the sports top honors. Next to Pipeline in Hawaii the Island comp is regarded by Bodyboarders as the ultimate event with a long waiting period and waves that can produce epic conditions. Below  Aussie Dave Ballard was a standout during his Island heats from Day 1 and free surf sessions throughout the event history and is still competing today. Photo Stroh

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A country bumpkin when he first arrived at Port MacQuarie, Eppo soon revolutionised the sport with his aerial attack and innovation.One of the sports finest ambassadors and most passionate riders. Photo Stroh ’90.

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One of the Northshore underground, Boothy was one of the most exciting and explosive bodyboarders throughout the 90′s. This pic by Libby was promoting the Boothy model for Custom X.

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Small wave venue contests were part of the bodyboard contest scene in the early days. The Manly Beach venue  attracted a large spectator base however it rarely produced the quality waves that bodyboarders need to perform. The photo below of Brazillian Marcello and Hawaiian Ben Severson was a typical scene on contest day with wave priority a major winning factor. Here the pair battle over a 1 foot wave. Photo Stroh

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In 1990 Hawaiian badboy Hauoli Reeves hit Oz for a Morey promo tour with Mike Stewart. Here’s Mr Reeves with the latest Morey invention the Mach VF photo Stroh

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