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s-l1600 (14)

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Mike Stewart, Jay Reale, Cameron Steele, Glenda K, Danny Kim, Shawnee, Pat Caldwell, Ben Severson, Chris-Anne Kim, Kainoa McGee and Hauoli Reeves.Awards night around ’90.485751_315018388568972_247445490_n

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The Bodyboarding Magazine readers poll was a big deal back in the 80′s ¬†and early 90s when all the stars competed for the prestiges top honors voted by fans. Below:Stewart Jay Reale,Cameron Steele, Glenda, Danny Kim ,Shawnee, Pat, Sevo Kainoa, Chris Anne and Haouli.


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Before Go Pros Cameron Nelson improvises with a trigger set up camera water housing mounted to his board self portrait to score the cover.

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