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Julie from Queensland was Australia’s first female bodyboard star. She  organised  the first events and club on the Gold Coast. This interview appeared in Tracks  in 1986.

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The follow up to Fumanchu, this time Joe Libby broke away from Scotty Carter and dished up a whole new all Dropknee movie to a hip hop sountrack. Starring Kainoa, Aka , Buder,Booth and the rest of the Hawaiian rippers its a must see for the Jack stance crew.

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Posted: January 28, 2011 at 9:12 am

Also known as “ODB” Brandon from South Africa is one of the most travelled bodyboarders in the world. Foster rides 100% Dropknee and he  has been to many countries that most people would not even dream about. ODB has ventured  in search of waves often risking his  health and life off the beaten track. Brandon rarely competes preferring the search and soul riding aspects of the sport rather than the contest points. This pic is of Brandon at Off The Wall was taken around 2005 by Stroh. Check out this ODB clip. www.youtube.com/?v=HXnAztYFqOg

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In April ’86 the first Cronulla Point Classic got underway the mastermind of Mark Sorenson one of the original Cronulla bodyboarders. International riders including Mike Stewart, Ben Severson, Pat Caldwell and Tom Boyle on their first visit to Australia competed to the delight of the crowd. Pat won the comp and young local Doug Robson made his first contest appearance by winning the Jnrs.

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JP was famous for his unique style and reverse hand placement. In the early 80′s Patterson was one of the sports most recognized faces winning the first ever major contest held at Pipeline. He survived a 50ft wave at Waimea and went on to become Moreys promotions man in the 90′s. This Scott advertisement is from the early 80′s.

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Troy Helm was a little known Hawaiian bodyboarder when he came out of nowhere and challenged Mike Stewart at Sandy Beach in the finals of Tom Boyles contest/video “Tribal Trials” the first in Boyles Video Magazine movies. This Bodyboarding Magazine cover of Troy was from ’89.

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Around ’94 the USA Pro Tour was strong and producing its fair share of champions. One of the events was held on the Westside of Oahu at the world famous Makaha Shorebreak. It was down to the wire between Tamega and Mike Stewart in the second last event of the tour. Uncharacteristically Tamega bowed out early in the Morey Makaha and Mike won the contest and wound up winning the tour as well.

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As a Shark Island regular in the early 90′s Fordy was a member of  The Cronulla Skid Kids. The Skid Kids were often portrayed as the villains of Aussie bodyboarding preferring to right off than act professional. Unlike many of the others who were loud and brash, Fordy usually remained in the background happy to let his surfing do the talking. Mark has scored his fair share of covers and double page spreads pulling in at The Island on those nuts days. However  bodyboarding history will remember him most for being the driving force behind the Shark Island Challenge one of the most popular events on the bodyboarding calendar. The Island Challenge enforced the change for comps to be held in waves of consequence to get maximum interest and exposure. Photo below Fordy at Backdoor early 90s by Chris Stroh

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During the 80s and 90′s Mike Stewart was easily one of the most respected watermen out at Pipeline. Few who have seen him in action on a maxing 2nd reef day will argue.He was even voted by Surfers like Johnny Boy Gomes as one of the best. From positioning, to drawing his line, fearlessness and ocean knowledge makes him the one to watch. Other bodyboarders surf it well but Mike is a step above the rest. A true barrel genius. Photo Vince Cavataio circa ’94.

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Posted: January 24, 2011 at 3:56 pm

April ’89 Jay Reale graced the cover of Bodyboarding mag with this unique camera pole angle taken by Aaron Lloyd.

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