Posted: January 26, 2011 at 8:14 pm

As a Shark Island regular in the early 90′s Fordy was a member of  The Cronulla Skid Kids. The Skid Kids were often portrayed as the villains of Aussie bodyboarding preferring to right off than act professional. Unlike many of the others who were loud and brash, Fordy usually remained in the background happy to let his surfing do the talking. Mark has scored his fair share of covers and double page spreads pulling in at The Island on those nuts days. However  bodyboarding history will remember him most for being the driving force behind the Shark Island Challenge one of the most popular events on the bodyboarding calendar. The Island Challenge enforced the change for comps to be held in waves of consequence to get maximum interest and exposure. Photo below Fordy at Backdoor early 90s by Chris Stroh

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