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Ben Severson and Chris Anne Kim on tour on the South Coast around ’89/90 photo Chris Stroh

ben and chris

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The Tube Troll at Manly Beach ’89


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Danny Kim, Ben Severson, Kainoa McGee and friends Circa 80s.


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Ben Severson competing in the ABA comps at Manly Beach ’89 photo Stroh


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Ben Severson , Pat Caldwell and Jay Reale talking board design.bsp

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When Ben Severson introduced his Ben board in the 80′s he gathered a following world wide.


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Early Days, Pat Caldwell and Ben Severson Circa 80′s


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Autographed copy of Bodyboarding Mag  ’97 with Chad Barba onb cover. Also Special Edition early issue with Ben Severson.

bar ben.2png

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