Posted: October 30, 2010 at 1:37 pm

In January ’93 a little known bodyboarder from the mid north coast town of Port Macquarie ventured to Hawaii to try his luck in the World Title competition. Heat after heat he advanced by using a combination of turns and aerial moves. On the final day of competition the waves had all but vanished. During his semi final heat Eppo pulled a Double Roll the first time this move had ever been seen in a contest or public for that matter. He advanced to the final to battle it out in the half metre swells with Tamega, Stewart and Aka Lyman. While the others sat at Pipe waiting for the miracle ride Eppo notched a couple of long waves at Backdoor allowing him to launch a huge air rollo and room to pull a series of combo moves all the way to the beach. The country kid who only saw the ocean for the first time a few years early had done the unthinkable. Not only had he won The World  Chamionship Trophy but he ended Mike Stewarts stranglehold over the title as well.The photo below shows Eppo reaping the benifits of his victory by signing a lucrative contract with Mantas Terry Fleming a short time later. Photo Chris Stroh

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