Posted: October 30, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Regarded as the ultimate style master Skip is envied by most bodyboarders for his effortless flowing moves. After relocating to the Northshore from the Big Island around 95 he soon began making a name for himself. Riding for Morey Boogie he became a favorite with photographers. His first big break was the Riptide Annual cover when he was captured hitting the lip at Gums during the Pipe trials. In the 95 Pipe event Spencer placed 2nd behind Mike Stewart. The result launched his career into the Pro ranks. In 98 he teamed up with the No Friends crew and changed the way we looked at bodyboarding with break through videos that were well ahead of their time. In 2003 he once again placed 2nd at Pipeline behind Kingy. Skipps burning ambition still today is to win a Pipe title. Today Skips still living on the Northshore ripping as usual.   Photo below Off The Wall forward air by Stroh

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