Posted: October 30, 2010 at 1:05 pm

Daniel Kaimi was one of the sports first big wave chargers when he began taking off on the outside reefs at Pipeline in Hawaii during the 70s. When Daniel first ventured out he had to prove himself to the standup surfers to be accepted as he was the only bodyboarder at the time in the lineup. Known as The Boogieman he  began pulling crazy Air Rollos and other new moves. With his wild afro he caught the attention of Chris Bystrom and appeared in the early 80s video Blazing Boards. This was the first footage of a bodyboarder captured charging big Pipe. In 82 at the first Pipe International Championship he beat Jack Lindholm 2nd and Mike Stewart 3rd to become the sports first official World Champion winning $1500. A year or two later Daniel disappeared out of the media after a run in with the surf magazines and photographers who boycotted him after he tried to sue them for using his image without payment. Without media coverage Daniels career came to a quick stop.   Pic below The Boogieman taking the drop at Third Dips on the Westside photo Stroh

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