Posted: November 25, 2010 at 9:37 pm

For the bulk of 90′s three Drop Knee riders stood out from the rest. Paul Roach from the US was like Kelly Slater with flashy moves and lightning speed turns. Hawaiian born Aka Lyman was calculated and smooth with a heavy backside who was classy like an Andy Irons. From Australia was Dave Ballard who was a Occy clone with raging bull style turns. Bal’s DK riding was pure power and unpredictability. As a grom he showed early potential on his surfboard but made the switch to DK and became the sports poster boy appearing on front covers world wide and douple page spreads for his sponsors Manta and Billabong. During his peak  Bal was probably the second most publicised bodyboarder in the world, second only to Stewart. Pic below standard Ballard water slaughter on his Hydro signature board, this pic is typical of Ballards powerful moves and blistering turns. Photo Chris Stroh early 90′s.

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