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Jay loved surving up and down the East Coast of Australia. One of his favourite spots was Blackrock. Air Rollo photo taken around ’93 by Chris Stroh


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Taken in Cape Hatteras at the Eastern Surfing Championships around 82/83  photo courtesy Easter Surfing Association


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Situated at Newport Harbour in California , The Wedge is a notorious side washing wave that is exclusive to body surfers and bodyboarders. Big swells rebound off the rock pier creating a thick mutant slab and a heavy backwash creates some wild rides and dramatic freefalls. Jay Reale scores one of The Wedges more rider friendly and classic moments in the mid 90′s. 6 people have died surfing here.


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One of Jays ambitions as a bodyboarder was to surf New Zealand and in particular Raglan Bay. In early 2000′s he got his wish. This shot was taken during that trip on one of the many beachbreaks on the West Coast of the North Island photo Chris Stroh

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Growing up surfing on The East Coast of USA Marylands Jay Reale was quick to learn Dropknee which suited the often less powerful beach break conditions he was faced with at home. In the early days Jay used skegs to help his turns to win contests. A few years later Jay took his act global and was busting the kinds of big moves that kept the photographers,mags and sponsors happy. Off The Wall float early90′s by Hoover.

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Jay Reale from East Coast USA during a break from filming Rip The Pit one day at Newport Beach early 90′s photo Stroh.


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Jay Reale and Vicki Gleeson on safari. This pic was taken on a trip motor homing it around the coastline of New Zealands North Island around the late 90′s photo Stroh.

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Bodyboardings high profile couple  Jay Reale and Vicki Gleeson enjoying the good life,captured at D Bah in Queensland in the mid 90′s. The  pair are still together today, still hapily married with kids. Photo Stroh


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Jay Reale was a regular traveller to Australia, going from State to State  competing and on promotional duties during  his annual pilgrimages in the 80′s and 90′s. He loved the place that much he even married an Aussie. One of his favourite waves was Aussie Pipe also known as Blackrock. Here’s a shot of Jay full pedal to the metal as he whips a clean reverse in the early 90′s photo Stroh.

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Posted: September 23, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Morey Boogie  Bodywear might not have set the Bodyboarding world on fire but with Marylands Jay Reale as its sponsored rider it was sure to get a lot of exposure. For a large chunk of the 80′s and 90′s Jay was mainland  USA’s most visible and consistent rider scoring plenty of coverage in magazines around the world. Jay was one of the sports true professionals and always went out of his way to portray bodyboarding  in a good light. 


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