Posted: November 7, 2011 at 7:21 pm

Cronulla on the Southern side of Sydney City has long been the hub of bodyboarding activity in Australia. Home to Shark Island, Suckrock, Voodoo and now Pikers Hole its a virtual wave paradise when the swell and wind co operate which can be frustrating as its not every day. The area has produced plenty of talent, names like Chaz McCall, Doug Robson, Wazza, Dave Ballard, Rissole, Brett Young, Wingnut, Matt Percy, Nugget and Andrew Lester are just some of the riders who have played an important role in Aussie bodyboarding. Pictured below is Cronulla standout John Showell who throughout the 2000 decade was the Nulla kid to watch and one of the best Island riders ever. Johnny launch Photo Stroh


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