Posted: October 20, 2010 at 2:26 pm

This article appeared in Tracks Magazine around 1983 and was written by Evan Penglis. It was a run down of the World Title showdown at Pipeline sponsored by Morey Boogie.After a week of Kona winds the event was moved to stormy conditions at Haleiwa. All the Aussies were knocked out first round. Pat Caldwell introduced a new move , a sliding cutback 360. Sasiki unleashed a DK roll. Stewart caught 12 waves in 45 minutes unleashing Rolls, Aerials and tube rides and won $4000 for his trouble it was to be his first of many World titles. 1st Mike Stewart 2nd Pat Caldwell, 3rd Ben Severson 4th Jack Lindholm 5th Daniel Kaimi 6th Keith Sasaki. 

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