Posted: November 2, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Held in mid December the infamous Pipeline churned out waves in the 4ft to 8ft range with clean conditions early but turning cross shore. The Hawaiians dominated from the outset. Jack The Ripper getting deep Dropknee tubes and  Stewart pulling state of the art barrel rolls. Sevo, JP Patterson and Pat Caldwell were also outstanding. When it got down to the finals 3 Aussies made the cut with Evan Penglis, Mark Sutton and Tony Sykes reaching the semis. Evan went on to place 6th the highest for a non Hawaiian in the event so far. The final was close but Mike shone brightest with his consistent rolls and deep tubes and walked away with $4000. Pat was 2nd and Jack Lindholm was 3rd. Photo below Mike Charging from a Morey Advertisement in 84.Check out the link below of footage from the event on youtube.

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