Posted: July 20, 2011 at 7:19 pm

As a Cronulla kid John Showell eagerly followed in the footsteps of Andrew Lester and soon began making a name for himself with his heavy go for its at Shark Island when it was at its evil best. John was a natural nutter out at Australia’s best known and most infamous bodyboard wave. He would take off deep, power through whiterock dodging ledges and steps as the lips above would be as thick as they were high. Then while most riders would be happy enough to just make the barrel, John would launch some crazy big backflip or air off the section and make it. Total fearless and easily one of the top locals to ever grace this lineup. Right up there with Chaz, Wazz, Lester, Perce, Bal, Nugget and Rissole. This shot of Johnny was taken during a Shark Island Challenge right on dark as the sun was setting behind the highrise. Photo Chris Stroh

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