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1986, January 12th : $12,500 Morey Boogie International Professional Championships – Banzai

 Ben Severson  aged 21 edged out favourite Mike Stewart to win the World Title and $4000.00 for first place. 35 riders from 6 countries competed in 4 to 6ft storm surf. International riders included Brazils Claudio Marques who finished 10th  while Aussie Evan Penglis placed 11th. Hawaiians again dominated the finals. Sevos strategy was to out paddle Stewart for every ride he could as conditions were less than perfect with onshore and cloudy stormy Pipe. Around 3000 spectators watched from the beach.Pic below the finalists.From left to right Jack Lindholm,Stewart, Sasaki, JP, Pat Caldwell and Sevo.
1. Ben Severson        Hawaii                  $4,000
2. Mike Stewart        Hawaii                   $2,500
3. Pat Caldwell        Hawaii                   $1,700
4. Keith Sasaki        Hawaii                    $1,100
5. JP Patterson        Hawaii                     $800
6. Jack Lindholm        Hawaii                  $600
7. Daniel Kaimi        Hawaii                    $500
8. Ron McAdams                                  $400

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