Posted: October 28, 2010 at 2:57 pm

The first Underground Tapes videos by Chris Stroh came out in the early 90′s. The original concept behind the series  of 10 films was similar to guerilla warfare according to Strohy. “Nothing was planned , just hit and run and shoot everything that moved vertical. It was all about the action  rather than quality”. Strohy foccussed on the upencoming young Aussies as they struggled for recognition. Names like Macca, Hellman, Nugget, Eppo, Wingnut, Perce, Bal, Riley and the rest showed what they were made of and the series created a cult like following. Shot on Hi8, what it lacked in high definition it compensated with busting big, mutant barrels and a heavy helping of writing off. The vids were left of centre and ahead of there time. The good news is Strohy is working on releasing a box set of UT action digitally enhanced for release sometime in 2011. Stay tuned….Below the original cover with a silhoutette of Mike Stewart busting an invert at Guilotines. photo Stroh

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