Posted: November 6, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Since Bodyboarding magazine arrived in 1985 more and more titles have surfaced. Some have survived the test of time while others are now just a memory. The Internet has definitely had an effect but like everything else the strong always survive. Sure the net is instant but  ‘theres nothing quite like having the feel of a new magazine in your hands to scan over the latest images. The following mags are just a few that have graced us from around the Globe. Bodyboarder International Mag from the USA had longtime media identity Patti Serano behind the wheel. Flipper is from Japan with a large slice of the editorial dedicated to fashion and the girls.Vert  is the long running mag from Portugal. Pit mag from the USA was the badboy of publications with its often contreversial coverage thanks to Cameron Steele and Co. Tres 60 Bodyboard mag is from Spain while Spin Air from France kept the Euro bodyboarders well informed.

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