Posted: November 7, 2010 at 8:02 am

        As bodyboarding began to take off in Australia in the late 80’s Youngy was one of the infamous Cronulla crew who dominated the Aussie media scene. He was a fearless Island charger and in the early days of Riptide his image was plastered across its pages. On land BY was a character who always loved a laugh and liked to shock people. As a member of the Skid Kids his outlaw antics were often looked down on by b/b heirachy. Youngy didn’t care too much and despised the local comp scene that frothed over contests in 1ft waves at Manly. Youngy was all about pulling into gnarly pits and had the same head pumping style as Pat Caldwell. Brett had tongues wagging when he performed a pop song in the video nasty Rip The Pit. He was highly criticized for his role and eventually packed his bags to move to Japan where he worked promoting his sponsor Manta. It was in Japan that BY was killed when the car he was driving on a express lane highway crashed. Today he is remembered with the annual Brett Young Trials part of The Shark Island Challenge. Below A very young Brett pulling in at The Point in the 80s pic Stroh

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