Posted: November 4, 2010 at 3:22 pm

            Brian Wise originally came from Orange County in California, mainland USA . His local spot was T Street a highly competive area known for explosive talent and excellent bodyboarding waves. Wiseguy soon stood out from the pack and found a hunger for competing and became a major threat on the USA circuit giving the Hawaiians Stewart, Sasaki and Sevo a good nudge. He had a reputation for being brash and rubbing other competitors up the wrong way. After joining the World Tour in the early 90′s he became a regular finalist and a big hit with many of the Brazilian girls. It was in Hawaii that Wise found his real calling. On the Northshore he built up a reputation as a fearless charger paddling out at 2nd reef Pipe when everywhere else was closing out. He’d launch off crazy sections and pull into monster barrels making it most of the time. Today Brian lives on the Northshore and still charging. Photo below is of Wiseguy cranking off the bottom at Backdoor mid 90′s  pic Stroh

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