Posted: November 15, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Carol first started b/b around  ’89 at the age of 18. She soon gravitated to the Northshore when her family moved to Hawaii. Before long she was one of the first girl bodyboarders to start charging at big Pipe and one of the sports first female stars. Carol was joined in the lineup by other female b/b like Jen Mar,  Robin Cardoza, Guin Allen, Daina Pang and  Gloria, and Harima  making  the women bodyboarders hard to miss.  Carol was becoming well known for her role behind the scenes running and organising comps as well as some gutsy performances.It was one wave in particular that comes to mind, the  rag doll wipeout as it became known. Carol takes up the story.”I was straightening out on the wave, because it was closing out. It was one of those days when you couldn’t get a lot of waves, and you want a wave. I don’t know what happened. The lip like hit me, and blasted me in the air. And then it somehow sucked me back over the falls, and then tossed me out again. And, I was in the air most of the time so I didn’t get hurt, I didn’t hit the bottom or anything”. Below is a clip of Carol doing her thing on the Northshore.


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