Posted: February 9, 2011 at 3:55 pm

The brothers Hulme  were bodysurfers and Mat riders in the ’70s at Cronulla Point and Cabbage Patch when the Morey Boogie board first arrived in Australia. They soon switched to the harder more maneuverable boogie board and in the process  became some of the sports first pioneers in Australia. They were also part of the first Ozzie crew to hit the Northshore in Hawaii. Both Pete and Derek next became involved in the behind the scenes organising, running and judging contests from the earliest days. What Bob Thomas was to Hawai, Peter and Derek were the same in Australia. The pair have been tireless behind the scenes workers involved with the GOB and later the IBA tours. For years Derek was head judge of the tour.The brothers can still be seen catching the occasional wave at The Patch. Pic below of Derek still on the job at the Brett Young Trials in 2010 giving Hardy and Brad Hughes the lowdown pic Stroh

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