Posted: November 2, 2010 at 10:23 am

Evan Penglis began bodyboarding between the flags at Maroubra Beach in the late 70′s. He soon grew a passion for  entering contests and won the 1st Official Australian title beating Mark Warren in the final at Dee Why.Evan won a ticket and an invite into the first official Morey Boogie World Titles held at Pipeline in ’82. Around his hometown Evan earned the title The Godfather for his role as Australias first international ambassador and competitor.Evan put Australia on the map charging in Hawaii even earning the best wipeout award. Back home the Godfather took under his wing hot upencoming Maroubra grommets like Bob Bell, Ross Hawke and young Steve Mackenzie. Together they dominated local contests for many years in the 80′s. Evan was the first rider sponsored by Morey Boogie  in Australia. Photo below Evan chilling on the South Coast 91  photo Stroh

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