Posted: November 7, 2011 at 8:02 pm

There once was a time when bodyboarding was literally taking over from surfing. As the numbers of bodyboarders  swelled in the lineup kids worldwide were becoming  converts overnight as guys like Mike Stewart, Paul Roach and Kainoa McGee brought the sport some hard earned respect. It would not last long but during this time anyone who saw Kainoa McGee dominating out at Pipe on the biggest days would be a liar if they wern’t impressed. Kainoa was in a class of his own both prone and Dropknee. Sure Stewart was calculated and a tube riding perfectionist where Kainoa was just  pure animal. He’d take off on the biggest , meanest wave and make it at all costs. What a legend and there has been no one like him ever since. Below Kainoa in action mid 90s photo Stroh


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