Posted: October 25, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Maligs grew up surfing the reef and beaches of Kauai an outer Island of Hawaii. It was here he joined forces with Bob Sato and other riders like Harry Antipalla and Chris Burkart to form the Kauai Classic Team. What set Kyle apart was his individuality both on land and in the water.Kyle was a freak. Prone , Standup or Dropknee he ripped. He coloured his hair, wore outlandish clothes, sang in a band and preached the bible. He was not your typical pro bodyboarder. But as natural talent goes Maligs had heaps and when he’s out at Off The Wall the photographers are guarenteed to get the shot. This carve pic of Kyle was taken in Reunion Island Circa mid 90′s   photo Stroh

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