Posted: December 21, 2010 at 7:03 pm

By the late 90′s Roach, Aka and Ballard the three goofy footed kings of DK  combined interest in the sport was starting to wane. All of a sudden there was a huge void of DK talent and photos. Matt Lackey from the Gold Coast soon filled the space. Lackey a natural foot was super keen and worked with photographers and in a short period of time magazines were full of double page spreads of his stylish carving. Lackey was soon sponsored by Billabong and his mass exposure in there adv introduced his riding ability to the world. Today Matt continues to push Dropknee to a dying market. Once regarded as cool, DK has definitely had a drop in popularity and participants of late. Matt remains unfazed and continues to stay loyal to the cause. The Lackey heavy gouge at OTW  below photo Chris Stroh

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