Posted: June 20, 2012 at 11:27 am

In the 90′s French speaking Matt Walbrou was one of the big wave standouts on Hawaiia’s Northshore. When it was maxed out and stormy Matt along with Brian Wise, Tamega, Alistair Taylor and a hand-full of Aussies led by Steve MacKenzie would push the boundaries. They were taking waves that no one else wanted, surfers were no where to be seen and the hordes of photographers wern’t filming. The conditions were borderline crazy and Matt would take the biggest drops, get hammered and come up smiling on many waves. Most sessions he would pull into the epic keg totally stoked whether he made it out or not. The sport lost a true legend far to young. This pic Circa 90′s Matt Walbrou smooth and cool under pressure at Pipe photo Stroh



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