Posted: October 30, 2010 at 12:55 pm

     Growing up in Tahiti, Matt grew up surfing perfect shallow sharp reef waves and was renown for his fearless go for it approach. When he ventured to Hawaii to compete at the World Championships at Pipeline his smooth casual style was well suited to Pipes hollow barrels. On the biggest maxed out days he was always one of the first out, taking the sets and pulling in regardless of the consequences. In ‘94 he placed a credible 4th in the final of The Morey Boogie Pipe International contest. Tragedy struck in 2001 when along with fellow Frenchman, David Legleye the pair were killed in a car crash returning from a contest. His forever smiling face will be missed but never fogotten. R.I.P     Below Matt eyes the prize at Backdoor. photo Stroh

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