Posted: October 25, 2010 at 2:23 pm

Lanson Ronquilio came to everyones attention when in 1990 he attempted an reverse air at Off The Wall that ended up a weird twisted flip that was captured on film and appeared in Killer Days video by Tom Boyle. This one move was the inspiration for riders like Eppo who went on to invent the ARS and Backflip. Lanson was a standout performer on the Northshore where his smooth moves at Pipe and Backdoor had tonues wagging. He was an original member of the No Friends team. Sometime around the start of 2000 Lanson almost drowned one late session at Pipe when a duckdive went wrong and the lip slammed him into the reef head first. Unconcious and not breathing, Nugget noticed his board tombstoning and pulled him up. He recovered fully. Today, Ronk still bodyboards and works on Oahu.This photo is of Ronk and his bodyboard model girlfriend Erin early 90′s in Australia¬† pic Stroh

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