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Tom began  bodyboarding with the original Sandy Beach crew and soon found himself competing against the likes of Sevo, Pat Caldwell, JP Patterson and Mike Stewart. Tom at the time was one of the sports first pro riders making it to the finals at Pipe several times. When his parents bought him a camera Toms direction changed. He began shooting shots of his friends some of the first images of the sport. In 1979 it was Tom who took the first ever publised shot of Jack “The Ripper ” Lindholm in a profile in Surfing Magazine. Tom’s next mission was to become the driving force  behind the first issues of Bodyboarding Magazine. Then came the series of videos called Bodyboarding Video Magazine. Toms dedication and drive was the spark that got bodyboarding to a worldwide audience in the early years. This pic was snapped at Foster during an Aussie surf trip around 92.   photo Stroh

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