Posted: March 19, 2015 at 7:08 pm

This original belly board was completely hand made in a Manoa workshop in 1963 by a local waterman. Back then you had to make your own and your design was totally up to you. It was shaped out of marine plywood and resin of course and vintage Aloha print fabric available only then from India Imports Ala Moana shopping center.

This particular variation is called a delta wing. It was created with a lip on the nose and rails to afford good grabability.

Measurements are 29 inches wide by 4 feet tall
This had a nickname back in the day, the runaway barge.
It was used often at Makapu’u bay mostly as well as Hanauma.
It got lost many times but it always found its owner.

It has much history…. the owner and creator was actually working with Hawai’i Calls / Webley Edwards when he was 13 years old. His job was to erect speakers around the Moana hotel, finger pinchers he called them. They were heavy especially for a 13 year old and he also held a microphone down at the Waikiki shore to get that trademark waves sound for the beginning of the “Hawai’i Calls” radio shows.

This rarity a one of a kind example of Hawai’i Waterman History and a prized treasure of the Hawaiian he’e nalu tradition, none the less.


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