Posted: November 13, 2010 at 11:04 am

Alistair Taylor from Durban South Africa honed his big wave repertoire at the heavy ledging barrel called Cave Rock. He dominated the local South African contest scene and went Pro in the early 90′s. Stories of Alistairs hard times on the Northsore were legendary. His church back home raised the money for his ticket due to a lack of sponsorship support and of surviving on bags of potatoes for weeks at a time. AT soon gained a rep as a big wave go for it who was out charging on all the biggest days at Pipe. In the 97 Pipe Comp in the final he was drilled by a monster set  during the final. In 2001 he took the worst wipeout award at The Shark Island Challenge and went to hospital. Throughout his career he has notched up 9 South African Titles. Today he is married to fellow bodyboarder and World Womens Champ Carla Costa and together they have a baby girl. photo below Alistair rolling off the death section at Pipe Circa 90′s, pic by Stroh.

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