Posted: January 16, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Brett grew up at Avalon with The Player Brothers. While his mates scored all the media push Brett was content to just hang in the background and get pitted. After following the usual path to the Northshore it was a chance trip to Tahiti that really changed his direction in life. Along with Simon Thorton the pair fell in love with Teahupoo in Tahiti and for many years dedicated their life to surfing that wave. No hardship could deter the pair who roughed it often penniless just to surf Chopes. Brett ended up well respected even by the standups for his fearless charging and taking the drop without the aid of a jetski. After many years of Tahitian barrel perfection Brett reluctantly had to move on and join the human race once again back home. Pic Stroh getting shacked in the late 90′s

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