Posted: November 1, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Jacky grew up riding at the The Wall at Waikiki in Hawaii imitating the moves he saw by his heroes like Kainoa McGee and Keith Sasaki. Gradually the regular footed Dropknee rider with the crazy forehand snap began entering and winning contests throughout the early 90′s. Jacky competed on the USA Amatuer cuircuit and eventually won the World Amatuer Title setting him up for a Pro career. Jacky’s moves were explosive especially his frontside layback snap making him a standout at Backdoor and Off The Wall. A few years back he suffered a life threatening disease which started as a virus and it  took him years to recover. Today he still lives in Town raising a family. The image below was taken at Off The Wall in the mid 90′s with Jacky busting out his signature move.  pic Chris Stroh

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