Posted: November 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Prior to bodyboarders taking over in the later part of the 70′s the alternative prone riders back in the day used pumped up air Mats to ride waves. At reef breaks like Lil Avalon, Dee Why, Cronulla Point and Shark Island the Mat brigade were a common sight in almost every the lineup. Even on the huge days they would rush the biggest sets. At Cronulla  Steve Downy was one of the best, charging hard at Shark Island. Others included Chaz McCall, The Hulme Bros and Dave Shaw. The humble Mat became superseded to the more manoeuvrable and sturdy Boogie but it was the Mat boys who laid the foundations.Steve Downy below at Shark Island pic by Bruce Channon from pages of Surfing World in ’75.

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