Posted: November 15, 2010 at 9:02 pm

Wazza first came to our attention in the early Underground Tapes videos where he became known for his crazy free-falling takeoffs and pulling into mutant closeouts at Shark Island with his unique canoe helmet. He was fearless and gained a reputation as a total wave nutter. He would take off left into an Island death pit just too see what would happen. “If I don’t hit rock at least once, I havent had a good session” he was once quoted. Around the mid 90′s Wazza’s luck ran out and he suffered an almost  crippling wipeout to his back at Shark Island. Within months he was back out there but taking off on more makeable waves. Wazza still charges today but his wave choice is more selective than in his early gunho days.  Sequence below typical Wazza air drop by Stroh

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