Posted: December 1, 2010 at 7:25 pm

Manta has been an iconic Australian bodyboard brand for 25 years. Starting out in Cronulla in November 1985 in humble surroundings. Manta soon started pushing innovative designs built for the waves in the local area which included the infamous Shark Island that had an abundance of talented locals that were more than happy to test drive the new boards. Manta has always pushed innovative designs right from the get go in the late 80’s until the present day and into the future. Manta has sponsored some of the sports best riders including Ross Hawke, Doug Robson, Dave Ballard, Tim Jones, Adam “Wingnut” Smith, Michael “Eppo” Epplestun, Paul Roach, Ryan Hardy, Mitch Rawlins, Andrew Lester and John Showell plus many others and still today sponsors and will continue to with riders such as Spencer Skipper, Tommy Smith, Brendon Backshall and Taylor Brockman.

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